Accountant Malpractice Defense

Any claim of malpractice against a CPA or other accounting professional or firm can lead to irreparable harm to their professional reputation and client confidence. Our Virginia accountant malpractice defense attorneys can provide you with a staunch defense against malpractice claims and/or investigations, but also a best practices risk management framework to assist in avoiding problems in the first instance.

At Midkiff, Muncie & Ross, P.C., we represent both accounting professionals and accounting firms in defending complaints before federal and state courts, the Virginia Board of Accountancy, and various other regulatory and licensing agencies, including the Securities and Exchange Commission. Our attorneys have a excellent reputation in providing effective, efficient and successful representation to clients in need of professional license defense in the accounting field and beyond.

If you are a practicing CPA, an accounting firm or other accounting professional, we can offer you support and representation in your legal matter. Contact us online for more information.

Providing Legal Representation and Support for Accounting Firms and Professionals

Since 1987, we have represented clients who require defense of their professional licenses. In addition, we provide consulting services geared toward ensuring compliance with Virginia Board of Accountancy, GAAP, GAAS and Sarbanes-Oxley rules and regulations. Malpractice allegations are extremely serious in both the near and long term penalties for malpractice Board of Accountancy may include:

  • Permanent reprimand
  • Accelerated peer reviews
  • Suspension or revocation of your Virginia accounting license
  • Loss of privilege to perform accountancy services in Virginia
  • Significant monetary penalties

The investigation process for the Virginia Board of Accountancy, is generally fast-tracked, meaning that the Board often closes out a case within 180 days of the date it is opened. Acting quickly to engage a competent attorney  familiar with the Board of Accountancy its rules and procedures, can increase the chances of a favorable outcome.

Attorneys With Proven Experience Representing CPAs and CPA Firms

Charles F. Midkiff has been defending accountants in professional malpractice actions since 1974, prior to establishing our law firm in 1987. Further, he has served as legal counsel for accounting firms to assist with everyday issues to prevent breaches of standards that could result in litigation. Local CPAs and CPA firms know of his reputation and often call on him for advice. In addition, Mr. Midkiff has been invited to be the speaker at numerous CPA, tax and audit conferences.

Serving Clients Throughout Virginia Since 1987

Your professional reputation and that of your firm are an integral part of the success you enjoy. Do not allow malpractice accusations to jeopardize the business of your accounting firm or  the hard work you have put in to build your name and professional reputation over the course of your career. For more information, or to schedule a consultation, contact us online.